Cucumber relish

This cucumber relish is perfect to have on your veggie burger. We used it on a halloumi burger (recipe coming soon) and it worked really nice. Our inspiration was the Swedish relish style Bostongruka which has its name from the Boston cucumber they used to make the relish with. We use the Swedish vinegar spirit called Ättika in this recipe, you can use white vinegar instead.

Cucumber relish

100 g yellow onion, chopped
100 g pepper in different colours, chopped
100 g cucumber, chopped
100 g sour apple, chopped
50 g sugar
120 ml vinegar spirit
60 ml water
1 teaspoon yellow mustard seed
1 teaspoon salt

  1. Boil water, vinegar spirit, sugar, salt and mustard seeds in a pan.
  2. Once it starts boiling add the rest of the ingredients.
  3. Boil everything for 5-7 minutes without lid. Stir from time to time.
  4. Warm up sterilized glass jars in oven with low heat.
  5. Once you the vegetables are soft turn off the heat and pour the hot relish in warm jar.
  6. Put the lid on and keep in fridge for 7 days before using.
  7. If kept clean and refrigerated it can be stored for up to 6 months.


  • 刻んだタマネギ100g
  •    色違いのピーマンそれぞれ100g
  •    キュウリ100g
  •    酸味の強いリンゴ(ジャム用が好ましい)100g
  •    砂糖50g
  •    酸味の強い酢120ml
  •    水60ml
  •    黄色のマスタードシード小さじ1
  •    塩小さじ1
  1. 鍋に水を沸騰させ、酢、砂糖、塩、マスタードシードを入れる。
  2. 沸騰したら他の材料も入れる。
  3. 5−6分ふたなしで茹でる。時折混ぜる。
  4. 消毒した瓶をオーブン等で軽く温める。
  5. 野菜が柔らかくなったら火を止め,暖かい瓶に移す。
  6. 冷蔵庫で7日間蓋をして置く。
  7. 冷蔵庫で6ヶ月は保存できる。

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